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B&B Shiokaze is located in Mukaishima island in Onomichi city in Hiroshima prefecture.

  • By train: Please take a ferry in front of Onomichi station. After a short sea ride, 3 minutes to get to B&B Shiokaze on foot.
  • By car: Please take a car ferry or Onomichi Bridge.


B&B Shiokaze (Open Google Map)
Hiroshima pref. Onomichi city Mukaishima cho 16058-44
Tel: 0848-44-0691

By train → How to find us!

  • There is a ferry port to the left of Green Hill Hotel.Please take a ferry to get to Mukaishima.
  • From the landing port, cross the bridge to your right.
  • And walk to an intersection with a view of the school grounds on your left side.
  • Keeping the school grounds on your left side, walk 2 mins and you will find B&B Shiokaze on your right side.
  • There are some ferries between Onomichi and Mukaishima, but Ekimae Ferry is the most convenient.
  • There isn't a time table for ferries. They go back and forth throughout the day.
  • Someone will come to collect the fare on board (100 yen per adult, 50 yen per child).

By car ferry

  • You will find car ferry pier (Fukumoto Ferry) in the east of Onomichi station by walking along seaside street.
  • When you arrive at Mukaishima, go along a road until finding a small bridge and then turn right.
  • Go straight along the field, which should be to your left.
  • B&B shiokaze is located in front of the school building.

Information for Shinkansen passengers

  • Shin-Onomichi stations is not so convenient because it's far from downtown of Onomichi.
  • You might want to change trains to Sanyo line at Fukuyama station to get to Onomichi station.


Addres. Hiroshima pref. Onomichi city Mukaishima cho 16058-44

B&B潮風 尾道渡船